Welcome to Carved Additions

Carved Addtions brings organic elegance to homes
around the world with its natural stone objects.

From marble artefacts to Inlay tabletops, semi-precious wall hangings to tranquil candle holders, our thoughtful range will bring spaces to life and add luxe to ordinary days.


Give your day a beautiful ending

A selection of handcrafted tea light holders that will breathe a refined elegance to any setting and add moments of calm to your evenings. After all, it’s the light that gives meaning to a space.

Bath Ensembles

Create a lovely escape

These pretty essentials do more than hold a fragranced soap or napkins. Make the bathroom your favourite respite with these functional works of art.

Marble Tabletops

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Marble Artefact

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Marble Wall Hangings

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Brand Story

We are fascinated by the thought of which is more important –
the stone that has in it, an unseen beautiful world or the hand that unfurls this world or maybe it is the moment of oneness where the stone meets the hand and becomes an art…

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